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You can choose one of the sayings below for your sign, or you can make up your own!! Just copy and paste the phrase that you want into the comments field at checkout, along with any color preferences that you might have!

* Reminder - If the phrase is longer, you'll want to consider a larger size sign to prevent word cramping!




  • If you’re lucky enough to live by the water, you’re lucky enough.
  • Heaven is a little closer in a home by the water.
  • Housework won’t kill you but why take the chance.
  • I think housework is the reason most women go to the office.
  • A house is built with boards and beams.  A home is built with love and dreams.
  • Home – the place life happens.
  • Having some place to go is home.  Having someone to love is family.  Having both is a blessing.
  • I only have this kitchen because it came with the house.
  • May all who enter our home as guests leave as friends.
  • We childproofed our house but they still keep getting in.
  • My garage, my rules.
  • Home is where your story begins.



  • LOVE (centered) – Love lifts, Love believes, Love hopes, Loves endures (circled around)
  • Always kiss me goodnight.
  • A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.
  • Faith, family, friends.
  • Friends are the flowers in the garden of life.
  • …and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
  • We may not have it all together but together we have it all.
  • All because two people fell in love.
  • The very best we can give each other is our love…not our advice and certainly not our judgment.
  • You don’t know how many friends you have until you buy a LAKE HOUSE.
  • And they lived happily ever after.



  • Individual signs:  Imagine; Dream; Create; Believe; Laugh; Love; Enjoy; Relax; Live; Achieve; Diva
  • Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,  it’s about learning to dance in the rain.
  • Life is not measured by the amount of breaths that we take but by the moments that take our breath away.
  • Live well, Laugh often, Love much.
  • Friends, love and laughter are always welcome here. (Welcome – background).
  • Dance as though no one is watching.  Sing as though no one can hear you.  Love as though you’ve never been hurt.  Live as though heaven is on earth.
  • Life may not be the party we hoped for, but as long as we’re here, we might as well dance.
  • Live, love, laugh in color.
  • Live simply. Love generously.  Care deeply.  Speak kindly.
  • Live simply, laugh often, love deeply.
  • Life is a journey, not a destination.
  • The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
  • Dream as if you’ll live forever.  Live as if you’ll die tomorrow.
  • Don’t let what you can’t do get in the way of what you can do.
  • Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today.
  • Relax and feel the difference.
  • Love the life you live.
  • Life is good.
  • Love the life you live.
  • Life isn’t fair but it’s still good.
  • Life is just better when I’m with my dog.


  • Old gardeners never die, they just go to seed.
  • What was paradise but a garden.
  • The earth laughs in flowers.
  • Gardeners know the best dirt.
  • Weeds 4 Sale! U Pick


  • A man led me to drink. I should thank him some day.
  • Only the pure of heart can make good soup.
  • Kiss the cook.
  • I kiss better than I cook.
  •  There’s always time for tea.
  • Many people have eaten my cooking and gone on to lead normal lives.
  • I love cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food.
  • Life is a Cabernet.
  • Dinner is poured.
  • You had me at Merlot.
  • Wine a little, you’ll feel better.


  • The more I get to know some people, the more I love my dogs.
  • Egrets, I’ve had a few.
  • Home is where the dog (cat) is.
  • I love my cat. My cat tolerates me.
  • Beware of the dog and don’t trust the cat either.
  • Cats are just little women in cheap fur coats.
  • No home can ever be complete without the patter of little dog feet.
  • Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole. 
  • If your dog is fat, you're not getting enough exercise.
  • Children are for people who can't have dogs.
  • Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.


  • The woods are lovely, dark and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep.       (-Robert Frost)
  • Bell out of order, please knock.
  • Panic, turmoil, chaos…my work here is done.
  • What happens at grandma’s, stays at grandma’s. (Nana, Mimi)
  • It’s good to be princess.
  • I know it’s true because I made it up myself.
  • Among life’s greatest treasures, among its precious pearls, God smiled down upon the earth and gave us little girls.
  • We don’t skinny dip, we chunky dunk.
  • When the student is ready the teacher appears.
  • English major, you do the math.
  • A mistake is simply another way of doing things.
  • Jesus loves you but I’m His favorite.
  • Bathing suits optional.
  • 24 hours in a day…24 beers in a case…coincidence?
  •  The cheapest facelift is a laugh. (smile)
  • I won’t let myself be rushed.  I am at work and not fleeing from a task.
  • May there always be peace in your soul and love in your heart.
  • It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you have.
  • Sports don’t build character, they reveal it.
  • The secret of having it all…is believing that you can.
  • Press button for maid.  If no one answers, do it yourself.
  • Success is getting what you want.  Happiness is wanting what you get.
  • I’m so far behind, I think I’m ahead.
  • Don’t worry about tomorrow, God is already there.
  • Martha doesn’t live here.
  • Without music, life would B (flat symbol).
  • NATIONAL SARCASM SOCIETY: like we need your support.
  • A team effort is a lot of people doing what I say.
  • Am I getting older or is the supermarket playing great music?
  • No shoes, No shirt, No problem.
  • Fat people are harder to kidnap.
  • Don’t cry because it happened, smile because it’s over.
  • I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.
  • What if the hokey pokey is what it’s all about?
  • Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish and get rid of him for the weekend.


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